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Whatever your chosen industry is, you most likely realize the importance of continually educating yourself. As industry trends continue to come and go, you must be able to stay well-informed about these changes in order to position your business for success. One great way for entrepreneurs to learn more is by reading books. Thankfully, there are a great number of books for business leaders to learn from.

This autobiography details the life of Eddie Brown. This philanthropist tells his story of being born to a 13-year-old mother who died shortly after his birth. His story is one of heartbreak, tribulation and eventual success. Despite his hardships, Eddie went on to pursue his degree, serve in the army and gain a career in engineering. He now owns Brown Capital Management, a billion-dollar company he built and maintained throughout tough financial times. Be inspired by how Eddie Brown found success for himself even when the odds were stacked against him.

Angela Duckworth authors this inspiring novel guiding individuals towards achieving their dreams with one secret ingredient: grit. Looking back on her personal journey, Angela explains she never felt as if she exhibited the correct talent for what she wanted to do. However, this did not stop her from pursuing her goals. Instead, it propelled her forward and taught her persistence is the key to success. Reading this book will inspire you to chase after your dreams and learn how to have determination even when you feel low.

Building a startup is hard work. Not every business owner wants to tell aspiring entrepreneurs about the harsh realities of their work. However, Ben Horowitz wrote this book to share his insight with hopeful leaders about the problems they will face on a daily basis and how they can work through them. If you want vulnerable, honest advice before heading out on this new venture, reading Ben’s book will provide you with practical tips to help combat some of the culture shocks you will encounter in your role.

There are many more books available for entrepreneurs to learn from should they choose to sharpen their skills. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the world of business, there is no doubt these books will help you greatly in your career and provide the clarity you need to thrive in your industry.